VCE English Units 3 & 4

Course Description

Students read and respond to texts analytically and creatively. They analyse arguments and the use of persuasive language in texts. Also students compare the presentation of ideas, issues and themes in texts.They create an oral presentation intended to position audiences about an issue currently debated in the media

Key Knowledge Points
  • an understanding of the world of a set text and the explicit and implied values it expresses
  • recognising the ways in which readers’ interpretations of texts differ and why
  • learning and applying the conventions of oral presentations and discussion
  • identifying and analysing the intent and logical development of an argument
  • identifying the features of analytical and comparative responses to texts that position audiences: structure, conventions and language, including relevant metalanguage
  • an understanding of the ideas, issues and themes presented in texts
  • understanding and applying the features of comparative analysis: structure, conventions and language, including relevant metalanguage

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