VCE Biology Units 1 & 2

Course Description

Students are introduced to some of the challenges to an organism in sustaining life. Students examine the cell as the structural and functional unit of life, from the single celled to the multicellular organism, and the requirements for sustaining cellular processes. Moreover, students focus on cell reproduction and the transmission of biological information from generation to generation and examine the processes of DNA replication comparing mechanisms of reproduction in prokaryotic organisms and eukaryotic organisms.

Areas of Study
  • the cell cycle
  • cell size, structure and function
  • crossing the plasma membrane
  • energy transformations
  • functioning systems
  • survival through adaptations and regulation
  • organising biodiversity
  • relationships between organisms within an ecosystem
  • sexual reproduction
  • asexual reproduction
  • cell growth and cell differentiation
  • genomes, genes and alleles
  • chromosomes
  • genotypes and phenotypes
  • pedigree charts, genetic cross outcomes and genetic decision-making

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