VCE Chemistry Units 1 & 2

Course Description

Students will develop an in depth understanding of the periodic table, the nature of elements and their atomic structure. Also the nature of metals and their metallic properties will be thoroughly investigated. Fundamental quantitative aspects of chemistry are introduced including the mole concept, relative atomic mass, percentage abundance and composition by mass and the empirical formula of an ionic compound. Also, the properties of water will be thoroughly investigated and related to its structure. Furthermore, organic compounds will be studied and their chemical properties will be explained based upon their chemical properties.

Areas of Study
  • Elements and the periodic table
  • Metals
  • Ionic compounds
  • Quantifying atoms and compounds
  • Materials from molecules
  • Carbon lattices and carbon nanomaterials
  • Organic compounds
  • Polymers
  • Properties of water
  • Water as a solvent
  • Acid-base (proton transfer) reactions in water
  • Redox (electron transfer) reactions in water
  • Water sample analysis
  • Measurement of solubility and concentration
  • Analysis for salts in water
  • Analysis for organic compounds in water
  • Analysis for acids and bases in water

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